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Roof Installations, Roof Replacements, Roof Repairs, and Insurance Claims
We will do a great job for you no matter what the job entails. We're your Metroplex roofing specialists. We will make the recommendations that are just right for you so your specific needs are properly met and you join our long list of satisfied clients.
Licensed Insurance Adjusters To Help You Sort Through The Insurance Claims Process With Ease
We are very experienced in determining your accurate roofing needs, and have a high success rate when negotiating with your insurance carrier for a full roof replacement due to storm damage. After the hail and high winds beat up your roof, we make sure your insurance company covers everything they're supposed to.
Roof Repairs and Interior Damage Repairs
When it comes to roof leaks, sometimes all you need is a roof repair. We will help you determine if you need a full replacement or a specific area is in need of a repair. Our services are not limited to just the roof, we also will help you clean up the mess on the inside with drywall repairs, texture, and repainting so that you're good as new after a leaky roof.
Roof Replacements And Upgrades That Can Save You Money
When its time to replace your roof, we will provide you with the best and latest options of high quality materials that look good and perform great!  When you're replacing your roof, it's a great time to seriously consider new technologies in roofing materials that help you lower your energy bills as well as your insurance rates.  Ask us about energy efficient options and impact resistant materials.
Commercial And Residential Roofing Services
Our professionals are experienced with all sorts of commercial and residential roofing projects.  From residential homes and apartments, to schools and churches, and even corporate offices and retail centers, we're here to do a great job for you.  We work with 20, 30, 40, and 50 year composition shingles, flat roofs, single ply systems, modified bitumen, built-up tar and gravel, and even metal roofs.  From start to finish, you will be serviced by the most dedicated professionals in the Dallas roofing business.
About Your Roofing Proposal
We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. If you have questions about your proposal, please call us.  Please note the following when reviewing a roofing proposal:
Your proposal may include estimates for work that your insurance company declines to pay for.
If you believe that the insurance company should pay for the work, you should contact your adjuster and tell him so.  We deal with adjusters every day and would be happy to contact your adjuster on your behalf. If your insurance company will not pay for an item on your proposal, the item can be removed from the estimated cost of the job and the estimate revised accordingly.
Your proposal may contain different estimates of the amount of roof area and materials required to re-roof your house than the estimates provided by your insurance company or other contractors.
Some variation should be expected, as different people have different methods of measuring and different standards of accuracy.  If you notice a significant deviation, please call us immediately so that we can determine the source of the discrepancy and either discuss the matter with your adjuster or make any necessary changes
If you are interested in upgrading from a 20-year roof to a 30-year roof, or a 30-year roof to a 40- or 50-year roof, or if you are interested in impact-resistant roofing, which could result in significant savings in your insurance premiums, please ask us for a quote.
If your attic is inadequately ventilated, we can install turbines, low-profile vents, or ridge vents.  Again, feel free to inquire about these.  If there is anything we can do to earn your business, please don't hesitate to call or e-mail us.
Castletop Roofing is your full service residential and commercial roofing contractor.
From new roofing and roof repairs, to skylight replacement and seamless rain gutters, we offer the highest quality commercial and residential products at affordable prices to you.

We can handle your roofing project, no matter how big or how small.
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